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Harvest day! Enjoy the harvest scenery of Guangdong in 100 seconds

2021-Sep-24       Source: newsgd.com

September 23 is the fourth Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival.

September 23 is the fourth Chinese Farmers' Harvest Festival. The early-season rice fields in Guangdong ushered in a harvest season and the fields have a yield of 65 kg per acres, with a total output of 5,241,500 tons.The total output of early rice in Guangdong has been the highest in 16 years, ranking third in China.

Follow us to see the harvest scenery in Guangdong!

In 1926, the 2nd Guangdong Peasant Association that CPC participated in was launched in Guangzhou.

In 1952, farmers in Port Township, Zhongshan were working.

In 1958, farmers in some areas of Guangdong used the dense planting method of transplanting rice seedlings, which increased grain output.

In the 1970s, rice transplanters were widely used in rural areas in Guangdong.

In the 1980s, technicians at the Agricultural Science Station taught farmers about agricultural techniques.

In the 1990s, the level of agricultural mechanization in Guangdong was greatly improved.

Today, Guangdong's agricultural production capacity ranks at the forefront of China.

Video Clip | Luo Binhao

Video shooting | Wu Ming, Dong Tianjian, Xiao Xiong

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